connecting with the roots

Hakau Birth

Hakau is born from a shared dream of listening to each other and the unraveling skein that was in the imaginary, allowing ourselves thread by thread, to start weaving together in community.  

At first, we were a mess of threads that at the same time wanted to cover a lot. With patience, transparency and communication we began to realize that it was not a mess.. but a different language.. a new thread to which we were not used to.

Although there was some familiarity, there was much that we knew was different. We felt it was essential to access this information from our present. From that space we began to weave the bridge that would allow us to co-create from the knowledge that was asleep and the knowledge that was awake.

Thus, by reconnecting with our roots, we awaken the ancestral wisdom that inhabits us. This is the basis of our co-creation and business model.  Hakau seeks to materialize the Andean worldview that our ancestors shared, focusing on the balance between the cosmos, the human being and our Pachamama. Likewise, and maintaining this balance, Hakau shares a commercial system based on reciprocity and redistribution, along with a supportive and alternative commercial system that seeks development focused on the communities, those who inhabit it and their environment.

At the beginning we mentioned that Hakau was born from a shared vision and here we introduce ourselves… We are Astrid, Ana Lucia and Jessica… Astrid is the head, Ana Lucia the trunk and Jessica the feet. Together we are the body of Hakau.  For this body to remain alive, we understood that it has to integrate in the most honest way possible with its environment. In the encounter with others and from the deepest listening we become AYLLU (community)…and from there we remember that the depths do not know miles.

Undoubtedly, one of the most valuable lessons we learn with Hakau is the importance of seeing and recognizing each other, acknowledging our abilities, sharing them and allowing them to grow stronger. Our dream is to continue expanding this network of knowledge, love, community and creation.

Thank you for being here and for being part of our ayllu. I invite you to be part of this journey.

Astrid, Ana Lucia & Jessica

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